Keyboard support added!

We have seen your memes, shaking fists in the air and heard your voices, but worry not - the day has come...

Keyboard support has landed!

You can now play the game with friends (or alone if you have very very good hand coordination and flexible fingers) even when you don't have controllers!

Because of logistical reason (many hands on one keyboard can get messy...) only two players can use keyboard controls.

The keybindings are fixed for now, but we hope they are pleasant to use anyway!

Selection screen

WASD player:

  • V to join
  • C to mark yourself ready and make the penguin happy
  • A/D to switch team

Arrow key player:

  • M to join
  • N to mark yourself ready (also penguin goes -^-^-)
  • Left/Right to switch team


WASD player:

  • WASD to move
  • V to shoot
  • C to dash

Arrow key player:

  • Arrow keys to move
  • M to shoot
  • N to dash

// Initially we used arrow + NUM1 + NUM2, but with M+N you can also play on laptops! \o/

Have fun testing, report back any issues and please tell us if you have better suggestions for default keybindings! Key-remapping might come in the future, but it's not a priority for now!

Happy brawling!

💙 🐧

 - Thomas and Ila

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