A downloadable asset pack

This character was created for a University project and intended to be used for a top-down shooter game


The zip includes:

  • original blend file
  • glb exported file
  • Godot-ready scene to use
  • rough test scene for the features of the character model
  • 6 animations: 4 directional movements, an idle animation, and a shoot animation


- This file has been exported with a custom gltf exporter with this patch: https://github.com/KhronosGroup/glTF-Blender-IO/pull/880 . Until the patch is merged to the exporter, this model will have scaling issues if exported with the regular gltf exporter.


The most important functions for the character are:

  • set_velocity(Vector2). Takes a vector2 and supplies it to the blend space.
  • shoot() plays a one shot animation for shooting.
  • set_gun(Node) allows customisation of the gun with the supplied gun

The character uses a base 1.5m/s speed at maximum speed.  a set_base_speed function is supplied to change the loop speed of the animation.

There are 4 functions to change the color of different parts of the character:

  • set_highlight_color
  • set_primary_color
  • set_secondary_color
  • set_metal_color

Install instructions

The zip contains a Godot project. All the assets are in the subfolder "Character". You can test the character functionalities by launching the test scene in the Character/ folder.


scifi-character.zip 419 kB

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