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Thanks for coming by the stream!

Watch Get Played | GODOT JAM JUNE 20th 2018 Part 1 from Tiger_J on

Hey, thanks for playing the game! Seeing you play gave us some material on what needs to be improved in the game interface :)

i laughed, i cried, this is the third time Ben died. I don't think he ever intended to get to work. You should make a sequel for the person outside the bathroom who has go go and you have to hold it as long as possible

I'm not sure if I was doing it wrong but it seems incredibly difficult to balance hot and cold with time , if it's even possible

Played on Android. Lg g5

Loved the animations, especially the dancing while scrubbing

It is possible indeed, but as it is very accurate with reality, it's very hard.


Each day is a struggle for me as well. Stay strong!

Hi, I tried .apk on my One Plus One, the music was playing, but this is what the screen looked like. Static, just like that, nothing was moving.

I have no idea what's going on, can you attach adb and see the log?